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Huihai holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is the holding platform of the group in Shenzhen and the operation platform of the consumer market business. The products of agency business include various food and beverage products such as grain, oil, wine, meat, milk sugar, etc.

Shenzhen Zhimei life Co., Ltd. specializes in the on-line and off-line distribution of imported household products in the Chinese market. Its main products include household cleaning, air cleaning, clothing cleaning, pet cleaning and other series of products. Its agent brands include Uyeki, sukkirident, folks and caringlife.

Hong Kong Weiheng Digital Co., Ltd. specializes in the overseas trade of personal electronic products made in China. The company's production base is in Shenzhen, and its export market covers Asia, Africa, Latin America and other major markets. Its products include notebook computers, iPad, all-in-one computers, various personalized electronic products, etc.

Shenzhen Texin Decoration Co., Ltd., established in 1993, has more than 15 years of project operation experience in Shenzhen construction engineering and building materials market. In 2010, the company introduced "Hong Kong Huihai group" as a strategic investor and established itself as a professional company integrating engineering design, construction, commercial project planning, building materials management and sales.

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