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Canada: the group focuses on the Canadian market, especially in the fields of energy / agricultural products / forest products / auto parts;

America: the group used to purchase American automobile products and sell them to the Chinese market for a long time. At present, subject to the Sino US trade war, the group has suspended the trading and investment business related to the American market, but there are good opportunities for cooperation in the field of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in the future;

Peru: the group's main business in Peru is in the field of mining metals and energy chemical industry. Its main active trading products include copper mine and iron ore;

Chile: the group has purchased copper ore in Chile and sold it to the Asian market;

Brazil: the group's main business in Brazil includes agricultural products and mining products;

Mexico: the group's main business in Mexico includes the import of mining products;

Argentina: the group's main business in Argentina includes the procurement of agricultural products;

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