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Huihai group has developed for many years, gradually established the development strategy with cross-border transactions as the core, and continued to layout the real industries with cross-border attributes / financial attributes / sustainable attributes, among which the power energy field is the key industrial sector of the company. Huihai takes advantages and characteristic products and services as the focus, and actively expands trading and industrial chain integration opportunities in this field.

In the field of electric power and energy, our main trading products at this stage include a variety of raw material products related to power enterprises such as power coal and biomass fuel, and the main markets include China / Indonesia / Russia / Australia.

In the field of new energy, Huihai also actively carries out organic biomass fuel trade, actively participates in new energy investment projects and carbon emission trading, and provides diversified value-added services for customers in the new energy sector.

In a word, the power and energy sector has large development space and strong cross-border attribute / financial attribute / sustainable attribute, which is in line with the group's core strategy, the industrial upgrading needs of the core market and the needs of global interconnection. It is the core business of Huihai group's long-term layout.

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