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Consumer Market

Huihai group has developed for many years, gradually established the development strategy with cross-border transactions as the core, and continued to layout the real industries with cross-border attributes / financial attributes / sustainable attributes, of which the consumer market field is the industrial sector focused by the company.
The group established a subsidiary, Hong Kong Huihai consumption Co., Ltd., to actively expand trading and industrial chain integration opportunities in this field. Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2020, the company is wholly owned by Hong Kong Huihai group and acts as an agent for a number of consumer goods brands.
Taking Hong Kong as the operating platform, the company focuses on expanding the Hong Kong and mainland markets. The company's main products include overseas brand consumer goods, and its main customers are dealers and wholesalers in the Chinese market.
In the food business, we are the sole agent of brands including France bonfirth winery wine, Carlsberg 1715 beer, Ukraine kernel sunflower oil, Hong Kong Fengji Zhuang food, Vietnam G7 coffee, etc. In the food business, other products we cover also include small packaged foods, such as noodles / rice noodles / flour / oats / frozen meat, etc.
Among them, Jiahua business, we act as an agent for several high-end home brands in Japan and South Korea, focusing on China's consumer market; Major brands include Japan UYEKI, Lion Chemical and caringlife.
In terms of travel business, the group also carries out automobile trade business and provides customers with cross-border license plate services in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao through cross-border platforms; In addition, our consumer entertainment business invests in the copyright and usufruct of Hollywood films in the Chinese market through cooperation with a number of film and television institutions.
In short, the consumer market business has a large development space and strong cross-border / financial / sustainable attributes, which is in line with the group's core strategy and the needs of industrial upgrading, consumption upgrading and global Internet in the core market. It is the core business of Huihai group's long-term layout.

【Main Products@Beer】
The imported beer business of Hong Kong Huihai group in China is operated through Huihai holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group: the company has complete qualifications and has been operating beer for more than 1 year;
We suggest that the brand to cooperate with your company is 1715 beer imported from Carlsberg's Ukrainian factory. This beer is 450ml bottled and packed in a box of 20 bottles. Raw materials and accessories: water / malt / barley / hops, etc. Alcohol 4.7% Vol. Original wort concentration 11.5 °
Carlsberg Ukraine brewery adopts the 305 year old brewing process in Ukraine, combined with modern industrial technology to ensure the wine quality of Carlsberg 1715 beer, clarify glycol, and become a best-selling beer brand in Ukraine and Eastern Europe...

【Main Products@Wine Drink】
In the domestic wine business of Hong Kong Huihai group, through the group's subordinate enterprises Shenzhen Saite Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Huihai holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.: the company has complete qualifications and has been acting as an agent for the products of many French wineries for more than 8 years. The brands we suggest to cooperate with you include:
1. SEAN LEON manor table VDF / AOC wine series provides a variety of packaging and wine label design to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios..
2. The three products of France's super Bordeaux winery CHATEAU DE BONFILS are the company's best-selling red wine brand at present..
3. CHATEAU DE COR BUGEAUD, France, won the gold medal in the international wine competition in Lyon, France in 2015. This competition is considered to be the most important wine competition in the world. More than 3000 single products participated in the competition. CHATEAU DE COR BUGEAUD's gold medal is enough to prove its strength.

【Main Products@Drinks】
The main water drinks distributed by Hong Kong Huihai group include:
1. Paris water, France: Paris water is second to none among the brands of natural mineral water. Perrier mineral water is the product of geological movement millions of years ago. Over the past century, the history, characteristics and natural flavor of Paris water have made it a legend of a generation. The unique taste of Paris water comes from its rich bubbles, low sodium and rich minerals. In modern Paris, water was promoted as "champagne in mineral water".
2. Evian water in France: Evian natural mineral water is directly bottled at the water source, without human contact and chemical treatment. More than 300 water quality inspections are carried out every day. In France, Evian has become a trusted choice for pregnant and lactating mothers. Since the discovery of Evian water source in 1789, it has been exported to 140 countries and regions around the world.
3. Other water drinks, such as Thai elephant soda, Italian San pello, etc……

【Main Products@Coffee】
Hong Kong Huihai group acts as an agent for the distribution of iced coffee of Thailand SINGHA group in the Chinese market…….
Hong Kong Huihai group also acts as an agent for the distribution of a variety of instant coffee in Malaysia and Vietnam in the Chinese market………

【Main Products@Rice Noodles】
Thailand origin rice and noodle soup: Thailand's rice export volume ranks first in the world and the product quality is outstanding. We cooperate with Thailand's main instant noodle brands MAMA and WAIWAI to produce noodle soup;
Cambodian origin rice and rice noodles: Cambodian rice is eco-friendly and processed with local rice to produce rice noodles for sale in China;
Rice and rice noodles of Vietnamese origin: Vietnamese rice noodles enjoy a high reputation all over the world. We entrust processing rice noodles in Vietnam to supply the Chinese market;
Flour of Russian origin: Russian flour is of good quality, and small packaging products are suitable for family needs.

【Main Products@Edible Oil】
Sunflower oil products distributed by Hong Kong Huihai group include:
1. Kernel brand, the world's largest manufacturer of sunflower oil, has more than 28 factories in Ukraine and other places;
2. Self owned brand, also processed and produced by kernel, with guaranteed quality and more aggressive price.

【Main Products@Chemicals For Daily Use】
Our agent distribution of imported household daily chemical products include:
1. UYEKI brand in Japan is the main household cleaning product brand in Japan. Huihai is the flagship store operator of the brand on multiple e-commerce platforms;
2. The Japanese Lion Chemical brand, Huihai, is also the authorized distributor of this brand in China;
3. Private brand chimelife also began to import some OEM products from Japan and South Korea.

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