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Huihai group has developed for many years, gradually established the development strategy with cross-border transactions as the core, and continued to layout the real industries with cross-border attributes / financial attributes / sustainable attributes. Among them, the metallurgical and mining sector is the key industrial sector of the company. Our products include iron ore / manganese ore / copper ore / bauxite / nickel ore / lead ore / steel / scrap, etc. Huihai actively expands its trading business and industrial chain integration business in this field by focusing on advantageous products and services.

Our steel trading division is mainly engaged in the export business of steel products. The export business covers more than 30 countries and regions in the world such as Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. It has signed long-term cooperation agreements with well-known companies with high transaction volume and good reputation in South Korea, the United States and Europe. At present, the main export products are deformed steel, wire rod, medium and heavy plate, shipbuilding plate, hot coil, cold coil, hot galvanizing, color coated plate, automobile plate, household appliance plate, etc.

Iron ore is an important raw material for iron and steel production enterprises. The iron ore sources provided by Huihai include KBH in South Africa, lgok in Russia, siuku iron ore and manganese ore in Peru.

Huihai is also very active in expanding the business of copper concentrate, bauxite, manganese ore and chromium ore. we purchase directly from mining plants and provide competitive prices and more flexible settlement and payment services to Chinese buyers. These mine resources include intermaden in Turkey, bauxite in Guinea in Africa, siuku manganese in Peru, etc;

Metallurgical coal is also our key business line. Among China's imported coking coal resources, Australia and Russia are the main suppliers. The metallurgical coal business of our platform mainly focuses on the Russian Far East supply with short transaction cycle. In short, the metallurgical sector has large business development space and strong cross-border / financial / sustainable attributes, which is in line with the group's core strategy, the industrial upgrading needs of the core market and the needs of global interconnection. It is the core business of Huihai group's long-term layout.

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