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Huihai History

In October 2010, Huihai Shenzhen company was established with its office address in Fujian building, Futian, Shenzhen. The initial business started from venture capital.

In August 2014, Huihai Hong Kong Co., Ltd. opened its business in 5D unit, China Overseas Building, Wanchai, Hong Kong, and started cross-border transaction supporting service business.

In December 2016, the Hong Kong company moved to Huida building, Shatin District, and its core business was further defined as cross-border transaction and cross-border transaction services.

In June 2017, Huihai Hong Kong Singapore Co., Ltd. was opened, and the wholly-owned company advance Composite Technology Singapore PTE. Ltd. started the trade business of non-metallic composite materials.

In May 2018, Huihai Vietnam representative office opened in Hanoi, Vietnam.
In September 2018, Huihai Europe office set up offices in Spain, France and Ukraine.

In June 2019, Huihai Russia representative office was established in Moscow.

In January 2022, Huihai Shenzhen company moved to the Xiandai Guoji building in Futian central area of Shenzhen.

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