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Huihai group has developed for many years, gradually established the development strategy with cross-border transactions as the core, and continued to layout the real industries with cross-border attributes / financial attributes / sustainable attributes, among which the agricultural, forestry and building materials sector is the key industrial sector of the company. Our main business and concerned products cover agricultural / forestry / animal husbandry / fishery and other market segments. Focusing on advantageous products and services, Huihai actively expands trading and industrial chain integration opportunities in this field.

Among the bulk products in the agricultural sector, we mainly operate and focus on bulk agricultural and animal husbandry raw materials such as rice / barley / corn / dried cassava / soybean / flour / sugar / vegetable oil / palm meal / alfalfa.

For the Forest Pulp and paper business in the forestry sector, we also actively connect with overseas sources. For the wood resources that can be provided in the Chinese market, including oak / wax wood in Europe, Eucalyptus in Africa and eucalyptus and Borneo in Southeast Asia, as well as the trade and trade service business of downstream bulk pulp and paper.

In addition to the timber business, our building materials products also include river sand / sea sand / glass sand / kaolin / limestone / cement clinker / glass fiber and other building materials products. In short, the agriculture, forestry and building materials sector has large development space and strong cross-border attribute / financial attribute / sustainable attribute, which is in line with the group's core strategy, the industrial upgrading needs of the core market and the needs of global Internet. It is the core business of Huihai group's long-term layout.

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